Virginia and Dravko Yanev – Buyer / Investors

Ruben Pacheco is a very diligent and meticulous Realtor. His competence, clear and detailed explanations, greatly facilitated the purchase of our first income property in 1998. As first time buyers, Ruben carefully and patiently guided me and my family through the intricacies involved in buying real estate. We were so satisfied with his services that we employed him again in 2002. He helped us find and purchase our first home in West Hollywood. Ruben is currently helping us as we are in the market for another income property.

Robyn and Bruce Waldo – Buyers / Investors

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend John Aaroe Group as an exceptional Realtor. Rueben Pacheco and Elton Eloin are an incredibly synergistic team. As Elton was showing us homes, Reuben was taking care of our loan paperwork. Elton and Reuben are constantly communicating so that both are 100% informed as to where you are in the process of buying or selling a home. Reuben is extremely conscientious about your paperwork and things are turned in on time so that the process is made smooth and easy for you. Reuben and Elton both attended our home inspection and were quite knowledgeable about what needed to be fixed and how the corrections were to look when finished.

Reuben and Elton can be quite tenacious when there is a deadline and the buyer would like the paperwork done quickly. Elton showed us a home on a Thursday evening that was to have an open house on Saturday. We found that this house exceeded all our expectations and it was perfect for us. Since the price had dropped dramatically, we assumed it was sure to have multiple offers for the asking price on Saturday. Elton suggested that we place an offer on the house the following morning so that our offer was the first. Reuben and Elton worked thru the night to make sure that the offer paperwork was finished and correct. Elton then met us early to sign and took it right over to the Realty office. At the same time, Reuben made phone calls to our escrow company for the house we were selling to make sure all of that paperwork was completed. It was not, as the escrow company was not at all competent. (It was NOT recommended by John Aaroe Group.) You should know that Reuben was at the airport early that morning, flying to New York then to South America. He called me at every stop he made to make sure the incompetent escrow company had done their job at my request. Unfortunately, the calls for service had to come from me, not Reuben. If they came from Reuben, you can be assured that the request would have been fulfilled much quicker than the result I produced. As for the happy ending, the offer was accepted and we now are living happily ever after in our dream house, thanks to John Aaroe Group and its wonderful team.

Matt & Tiffany Crum – Buyers and Sellers

We bought our first and now our second home through Reuben and we couldn’t have been more pleased working with him. We always feel like he has our best interests in mind and we’ve never felt pressured into making any decisions that we weren’t 100% sure about. In dealing with other sellers’ agents, we always feel that we have the best agent on our side. We have complete confidence in Reuben that the transaction will go as smoothly as possible and that nothing will fall through the cracks during closing.

A few years ago, we were filled with trepidation about buying our first home. We knew very little about home-buying and dealing with agents. Over the years, through our interactions with other agents and by witnessing the bad home-buying and selling experiences of others, we feel extremely fortunate to have had Reuben with us from the beginning.

Anne Weiss Investor / Business Manager

Reuben Pacheco, of John Aaroe Group, has represented me (both as a buyer and as a seller) in numerous real estate transactions over the last 12 years. I have always relied on his professionalism and honesty, as well as his knowledge. With his help, we have never failed to close a deal. I am pleased to recommend Reuben to my friends and clients whenever possible.
I consider him to be one of the best realtors in Los Angeles.

Al Higgens Co-Executiv Producer, of “Mike an Molly” for CBS Television.

When I was asked to write a letter of recommendation for Reuben Pacheco I didn’t hesitate. Since moving next to Reuben twelve years ago you couldn’t have asked for a letter neighbor and friend. As for being a considerate neighbor, Reuben has always consulted us before any work is done on his house, paved the area between our homes allowing us to choose the design, hid unsightly wires that only we would see and took it upon himself without us saying a word to have his contractor de-install an air conditioning unit from the side of his house and put it on his roof because he didn’t want the sound to disturb us. Although Reuben has never represented us as a client, we saw conscientiousness and care when he sold the house of our good friends across the street. Not only did he get a good price in a falling economy but we also witnessed his business integrity in that sale. He honestly disclosed the challenges of the home’s locations and the new owners felt fully informed when they made the purchase. He found good people to buy that home and now they have become our friends, as well.
Reuben has our house key and has opened his home (and pool) to my children and myself. He is active in our neighborhood and he and my wife serve on the board Ridgewood-Wilton Neighborhood Association together so i know his commitment to the community at large.
If we ever sold our house we would surely use Reuben as our broker but since Reuben is such a valued part of our life, we don’t plan on moving. Good neighbor Reuben; he is poorer because of his fine character, But thankfully we, and the whole neighborhood, are richer for it.

Dave Alteneau – Senior Visual Effects Supervisor

We recently engaged the services of Reuben Pacheco as our commercial real estate agent in seeking out a new office location for our company.
Mr. Pacheco acted immediately to help us define the specific needs we would require in our new space and proceeded to line-up a long list of potential locations to visit. He arranged each visit based on our availability and made the process easy and effective as we evaluated potential new locations.

As we narrowed down the list of viable candidates, he assisted and advised us in all aspects of our move, including deciding on lease or purchase options. Once we selected the desired location, he was invaluable in helping to negotiate the final lease and helping to iron out all the details.
I would not hesitate to work with Mr. Pacheco again in any future real estate venture. He is knowledgeable, professional and thorough across the board.

Kelli Seely, Senior Vice President, United Services Organization Jeffrey Seely, Director, U.S. Department of State

The Southern California real estate market can be very competitive and stressful. Working with Reuben Pacheco proved to be an excellent decision; not only did his services exceed our expectations, but he made the process seamless and stress free.
Reuben has represented us as both buyers and sellers over the past decade. His strong work ethic and attention to detail is unrivaled. His expertise in marketing and contractual negotiations combined with savvy business skills differentiated him from other real estate professionals we considered.
Having been in the position to evaluate all types of agents, we found Reuben gratifying to work with and a privilege to know. When we return to Los Angeles, there will be no question as to who will represent us.