Lynda and Ken Stack : Client Testimonial For Hollywood Hills Real Estate Market

We’re writing a letter of commendation for Reuben Pacheco and Wendi Smith-Harris for the incredible job they did in helping us find and purchase our new home. I met Reuben at an open house September, 2011. The house was way over our budget but he inquired about our needs and proceeded to share with us the information about a property that was in the area we liked and was well within our budget.

We eventually went into escrow on this property but since it appraised much lower than the asking price we backed out, even though Reuben worked hard to get the seller and the seller’s realtor to accept a more reasonable price. When we didn’t get this property I was pretty disappointed (this is the first house I have personally attempted to purchase a home in California and felt that there wouldn’t be another as desirable). Reuben assured me that there are many more fish in the sea and the search continued.
Going forward he had Wendi assist us with the search. We kept her busy!! I called her nearly every day (or she called me) to look or inquire about a property in many different locations. She was ALWAYS professional, kind and reassuring. Both she and Reuben had such positive attitudes we were buoyed instead of weighed down by the process. Two more times we put in offers, one ended in another escrow. This one didn’t work out because of the issues with plumbing, etc.

My husband is a contractor and he is pretty picky about the quality of the properties. Never did we feel like a burden to either Reuben or Wendi. They hung in there with us. Now we had been searching for seven months! Finally, we found 1406 N. Benton Way the day after we were out of the second escrow. Both Reuben and Wendi worked hard to get our offer at the top of the list. They worked hard to sell us to the seller and the seller’s realtor. And they were successful!
We closed on this property May 4 and moving day is tomorrow. I am so happy to finally get a home that I love in a great area within our budget. We owe all the thanks to Reuben and Wendi.
You have two incredible employees. They are smart, kind and know their business. We couldn’t be happier with my experience. You are extremely fortunate to have them on your team. We will recommend both Reuben and Wendi to ANYONE who needs to buy or sell a property. We’re only sorry that we won’t be seeing them on a regular basis – we are going to miss them!!

We send this with our most sincere gratitude and regards,

Lynda and Ken Stack